1: Can anyone put together
a CREFORM structure?
2: What tools do I need
when I make a CREFORM
3: How about the strength
of the CREFORM system?
4: How do I assemble
5: What should I do in the
event of a medical emer-
gency involving the CRE-
FORM adhesive?
6: Is there a standard
amount of adhesive that
shoud be applied?
7: Can I use another ad-
hesive instead of CRE-
FORM adhesive?
8: How do I store CREFORM
9: How do I dispose CRE-
FORM adhesive?
10: Is there a product which
can break down the CRE-
FORM adhesive?
11: How do I cut CREFORM
12: How many pipes can be
cut with a fresh blade in
the manual pipe cutter?
13: How do I repair CREFORM
pipes and joints which
have been connected
with CREFORM adhesive?
14: What kind of paints can I
use for painting CREFORM
pipes and joints?
15: Can CREFORM adhesive
glue be used on a reused
16: How is a CREFORM pipe
17: When should metal joints
be used with CREFORM?
18: What kinds of casters are
available and how are
they used?