Welcome to the World fo CREFORM
Today's manufacturers are challenged with a variety of global issues:
If you choose CREFORM...
Creform helps manufacturers meet these challenges with its global
manufacturing , engineering resources, world-class standards and by
serving industries world wide.
Plant-wide mobile, flexible material handling systems
exhibit neatness, cleanliness and good ergonomics.
Compact in-process flow rack ergonomically
presents parts for processing and returning.
An ergonomic presentation of parts in
custom containers with optimum utilization
of space.
More importantly, however, is what Creform can do for you in your
manufacturing domain, whether you're aiming for business around
the world, or just around the corner.
For over 30 years, in the Pacific Rim, Europe, and North America, the
Creform system has combined all of the elements for efficient material
handling, elements that are today recognized as critical to success in
the global market place.
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That's the world of Creform - the product, the company, the philosophy which can help you achieve global manufacturing success.
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