The CREFORM System
A simple concept designed to increase your company's efficiency
through manufacturing-supportive designs of logsitical material
handling structures.
Creform is a complete series of pipes, joints and
hardware accessories, it lets you design and build
- custom matched to your specific requirements -
material handling equipment for virtually all areas
in the manufacturing process. From raw materials to
supplier's JIT transport. From in-process handling
and transfer to point-of-use assembly. To work-
stations featuring ergonomic parts and tool pre-
sentation. A simple solution to a complex problem.
Push Cart
Push Cart
Hinged Shelf Cart
Hinged Shelf Cart
Tilting Flow Rack
Tilting Flow Rack
Creform exists to provide you with these products, plus
the service, application, and engineering assistance
necessary to implement an efficient material handling
system, whether it's a single item or a plant-wide, or
even corporate-wide depoyment.
Creform empowers employees with the means to achieve
continuous improvement - providing you with the means
to meet the challenge of global competition.
Creform's system promotes creativity which results in
continuous improvement...becoming the foundation for
promoting and for employee acceptance of, the Five S
ideology and JIT.
in design, the tools required, and assembly.
because of its portability and light weight.
to changes whether in the product, process or volume.
after changes are made to the product, process or volume.
so that when the life cycle of the product or process ends,
it can be modified and reused.
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