How do I repair CREFORM pipes and joints which have been
connected with CREFORM adhesive?
This is the method to repair Creform structures when you
have glued a pipe and plastic joint by mistake.
1) Cut and peel off the joint from the pipe as follows:Mark a
point 32 mm from the mouth of insertion of joint and cut
off the joint with a hacksaw.
2) Make a cut on the joint. Cut through the joint from end to
end at a slanted angle with the hacksaw, so that the cut
bends slightly around the pipe.
(not straight from end to end)
3) Peel the joint off with a screwdriver/chisel.
Drive a big screwdriver or a chisel into the cut and little by
little peel the joint from the pipe. Try to keep the angle of
the chisel parallel to that of the pipe.
4) Finish by using a course file on the pipe where the joint
used to be. This should be continued until a new joint can
be easily installed.